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About Digital Solutions Group

We are a leading 24/7/365 Customer Experience and Technical Support BPO located in Johannesburg, that serves large organisations globally. We deliver Sales, Service and Marketing in an affordable yet comprehensive manner.

What Digital Solutions Group offers its clients

Customer Experience Group or CXG, a South African leading On-Demand BPO and BpaaS service provider, serves 50+ premier consumer-facing corporate, local and international brands. We offer our fully managed and integrated service 24/7/365, aimed at delivering a differentiated and true Omni-channel, integrated Customer Experience.

How Digital Solutions Group outshines the competition

With a 23 year digital track record, we enable businesses to optimise how they serve customers across a continually connected world. We offer an integrated Digital Customer Experience and Technology Service that delivers measurable results for an Always-On World.

Digital Solutions Group company structure

We are a medium to large size boutique BPO that started in 1998 in response to DSG launching In summary Digital Solutions Group Companies consist of:

1. Integrated Customer Experiences (
2. Cyber Security, Education and Awareness (
3. Mobile Virtual Network Enablement (
4. Broadbrand Mobile Advertising (
5. Digital Development

Sample highlight service offering of Digital Solutions Group

Please visit here to see a sample of our service offering

Effectively today we operate a 600 seat operation that has donated a portion of our business to the Maharishi Institute in South Africa with our operation based on campus. This provides us with access to 750+ students with a minimum tenure of 4 years and allows us to rapidly scale as demand requires.


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