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About Remote Staff

Helping SME’s reach their business objectives faster by providing more cost-effective labor has always been the driving force behind our company. Over the last 13 years, we’ve fine-tuned the operations and strategies of our IT, HR, Accounts, Customer Service, Recruiting and Marketing Departments, all to provide the right Filipino remote working talents to our no. 1 customer – YOU.

Currently, our clients consist of 60% SOHO entrepreneurs and 40% larger business owners.

We provide ongoing support for both employers and Filipino remote workers. We value relationships and place a significant importance to delivering on our mission statement to empower entrepreneurs and remote workers to do more and make a meaningful difference in both their lives.

What Remote Staff offers its clients

From Virtual Assistants to Web Developers and any role in between, we provide qualified Filipino remote staff to allow Australian businesses to scale.

We’ll Help You:

- Recruit and Hire Qualified Remote Staff
- Work With a Dedicated and Long Term Remote Staff
- Save on Staffing Costs and Pay Fair Wages
- Track Productivity via Our Inhouse Work Tracking Technology
- Bridge Cultural and Communication Gap

Remote Staff company structure

We are a privately held company founded in 2007 by a Sydney based Australian founder. We have an in-house team of 90 Filipino employees supporting our Filipino home-based staff Philippine-wide.

We are predominantly focused on servicing the Australian and New Zealand market. Our ongoing recruitment and support professionalize the remote working landscape so both staff and Australian business can achieve more together.

Sample highlight service offering of Remote Staff

We charge an all inclusive rate for your Filipino virtual staff. Our rate factors in staff’s payments, staff’s statutory obligations, tax withholding and our service fees.

The rates take into consideration the remote worker’s expected salary, role, skill level, employment status, and level of involvement.

A few metrics about Remote Staff


Services offered by Remote Staff

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Remote Staff news, podcast and articles

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The successful transition to remote working last year has reimagined how corporate work gets done….

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The Source

The successful transition to remote working last year has reimagined how corporate work gets done….