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Mega Data Corporation


About Mega Data Corporation

A major conglomerate in the East Asian Region, the Mega Data Corporation is part of the Mega Group of Companies. The group has its humble beginnings as the pioneers of computing in the Asia Pacific region, the Summa Computer Services Corporations, which was acquired in 1982 and has finally evolved in to a multinational conglomerate with over 31 companies specializing in some of the most leading-edge technological development. The group is based out of the Philippine Archipelago and has offices in Shanghai, Singapore, Buenos Aires, Bangalore and Frankfurt. The group is also active in various markets around the globe, especially in the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

Each unit of the Mega Group of Companies is a separate entity that operates in its own niche, so as not to affect other organizations within the fold. The group has pioneered in the fields of systems integration and data management, computerized inventory management systems, computerized voting systems, software development for enterprise clients, biometric security and tracking solutions, automated document imaging solutions, computer gaming and multimedia, plastic card and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) manufacturing, agri-business and real estate development. The Mega Data Corporation features some the largest organizations in the world as their distinguished clients.


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