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BMWare Software Development Inc.


About BMWare Software Development Inc.

“Started in 2010 by Robert Joseph Cunanan Batac and Susanne Madrid-Batac, BMWare Software Development Inc. is an Information Technology and Services provider. The company is owned privately and is located in Pampanga, Philippines. BMWare provides customized software development for Mobile, Web, and desktop systems.

BMWare provides the following services:

• Preventive Computer Maintenance
It’s a service that helps to maintain computers and hardware in working condition.
• CCTV service
BMWare offers CCTV cameras that have the latest hardware products and all the data is backed up by state-of-the-art systems on security technology.
• Medhealth
A software designed for healthcare professionals that allow them to store patient data. The data can be accessed from any device and makes scheduling of appointments a breeze.
• LogiSys
A software that allows tracking of employees and client items in every branch. It also is an accounting software that can display daily performance.
• Great Point of Sale (POS)
A simple Point of Sale system that is user-friendly and records sales of the company with ease. It also has an inventory module to keep track of inventory on a day-to-day basis.
• Automatic Plate Number Recognition (APNR)
A surveillance system that uses optical character recognition on images to automatically read the registration number of vehicles.

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