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About Blueport

“Blueport is a business process outsourcing company that has its headquarters in Manila, Philippines, and the marketing office is situated in Mayfair, London, UK. Companies that outsource their workflow processes and management to Blueport are able to save on costs and increase their operational flexibility. This has helped companies successfully achieve their desired growth rate and revenue.

The following are a few services are provided by the company.

• Content moderation
• Community moderation
• Copywriting
• Graphic design
• Customer support
• Data entry/processing
• Legal research
• Medical transcription
• Transcription
• Accounting and Bookkeeping

The company provides its services ranging from startups to multinational companies. Blueport has a unique design concept. It is guaranteed to work on any budget quoted by the client. Blueport also helps in setting up a team according to the requirements of the client. Depending on whether the client wants a dedicated staff that is like a personal assistant or a staff that has to deal with different job specifications or line deliverable, Blueport has got it covered.
The mission of the company is to provide outsourced solutions to its clients in the most cost-effective, efficient and flexible manner. Blueport always places the client at the core of every activity, ensuring that the clients understand every step that takes place.

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