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Affinity Express


About Affinity Express

Affinity Express (Affinity X) is a world class company that has been growing ever since 2000. They see opportunity in every corner of the globe and hence their employees can be found in various places like America, India, Canada, the Philippines, Europe and every other place that hosts talent. Brilliant people can be found anywhere hence Affinity X sees opportunity and growth everywhere they look. Affinity X knows that there is more progress in growth and is always multiplying smaller businesses and helps them grow faster than any small business owner can ever dream.

Affinity X helps provide smaller companies everything that they need to gain more SMB revenue. Help is provided to these smaller companies every step of the way from website solutions to marketing and social media Affinity X does it all. Affinity X helps their client by providing them world class websites and other digital assets that in today’s digital world is the most important to keep up the image of one’s brand.Digital marketing with professional ad designs and online campaigns that are for a targeting audience. Affinity X also helps clients with custom designed print material and it also provides sales trainings and other marketing support.


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