Outsourcing Summit: Live events and conferences in the new normal

Outsourcing Summits: Live events and conferences in the new normal

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses, media companies, and events planners to pursue the digital route. Because of this, there has been a rise in the number of businesses conducting webinars and online conferences held in the comfort of their own homes and virtual offices. In fact, from February to March 2020 alone, the number of brands offering webinars in the United States grew by 36 per cent. Hence, the rise of the outsourcing summit.

Outsource Accelerator, however, has managed to stand out by organizing the annual Outsourcing Summit to tour prospects and urge them to explore offshore staffing. The unique, full-day immersive event was attended by nearly 2,000 participants, and has been a huge success not only for the company, but for the entire outsourcing industry.


>> Outsourcing Summit REPLAY: Watch a full video replay of OS2020 here

Outsourcing Summit 2020

The North American Edition of the Outsourcing Summit 2020 (OS2020), hosted by Outsource Accelerator’s Founder and CEO Derek Gallimore, was conducted last October 8. The unique event offered unparalleled insight into an underappreciated and often misunderstood industry.


Derek was joined by industry officials, outsourcing experts, and CEOs of the leading outsourcing partners in the Philippines. The event promised ZERO tedious Zoom calls, and as expected, it delivered!

The live event started at 10 in the evening, Philippine Standard Time (PST), when BPO offices are just starting to come alive to serve Western clients. One of the highlights of the outsourcing summit is the live BPO tours, where Derek was given a tour of the physical offices of Cloudstaff, Telework PH, and EMAPTA Philippines. In this segment, the CEOs discussed their background, their pricing models, their recruitment processes, their state-of-the-art facilities, and what makes their companies thrive and stand out.

Ending the outsourcing summit is a roundtable discussion with Cloudstaff CEO Lloyd Ernst, Telework PH CEO Marge Avisto, and EMAPTA CEO Tim Vorbach, together with Derek Gallimore. The CEOs shared their vast experiences in core outsourcing topics and what the audience needed to know to master offshore staffing for their business. The CEOs also confronted some of the tough issues around offshoring. To end the night, the CEOs have also answered some tough questions that came from the virtual audience.

Outsourcing Summit 2020 Giveaway

As a treat to the participants, the outsourcing summit offered 100 risk free trials – at 85% off – money-back guarantee. This is to give prospects the opportunity to dip their toes into offshore staffing risk-free, and for a discounted price.

You can see a replay of OS2020 here. See you next year!


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