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Keysquare Inc.


About Keysquare Inc.

“Started in 1999, Keysquares Inc. first started as Pilipinas International Marketing Services Inc., becoming one of the pioneers in the new field of business process outsourcing in the Philippine Archipelago. The initial business was that of delivering telecom and consumer product support to Japanese and Filipino consumers in the home country. Since then, for nearly a decade and a half, the company has grown in to one of the largest outsourcing companies in the country, with a focus on support for Japanese products being sold in the Philippine market.

With its unique market and experience, Keysquare Inc. offers tools, resources and manpower management services to its clients, often going beyond what is considered traditional in the industry. The company focuses on major segments for off-shore clients to sell their goods and services in the local market – market research and penetration strategies to develop new products and services in tune with the requirements of the local market; IT support working round the clock to ensure smooth and timely resolution of conflicts; an in-house media and creative division that provides solutions tailored for the local market and dedicated manpower and training support. The company has a large BPO facility with strict quality control manned by some of the best sales experts in the country.

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