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iConcept Global


About iConcept Global

“iConcept was born in the year 2009. In 2007 it was a part of its parent company, iBrains. iConcept was the IT wing of the parent company. But soon this wing expanded and established itself as an independent legal entity. As an independent entity it catered to the client needs of clients, who wanted to develop and design their website. At this date iConcept is a one-stop solution to all needs related to digital services and products in Philippines.

Their motto is to be committed to the needs of the client and be able to innovate with dynamism and enthusiasm, thereby provide quality service through sheer talent.

iConcept provides many services to its clients. Some of them are:
• Web designing: companies outsource their website development and designing task to iConcept.
• Graphic designing: through a creative twist iConcept provides skilled graphic designing.
• Search engine optimization: to make their clients website easily accessible through search, iConcept helps in the digital marketing bit through proper search engine optimization.
• Website maintenance: by creating motion graphics and multimedia promotion, iConcept help with their client’s website maintenance.
• Social media marketing: they help their clients to target the right audience through efficient social media marketing.

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