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DSM Manila LLC


About DSM Manila LLC

DSM Manila LLP is a wholly owned shared service subsidiary of the global law firm White & Case LLP. The company operates out of the populous city of Makati city in Philippines.
The company doubles up as a back end office for the White & Case providing financial, administrative, marketing, research and technology driven support. The team at DSM Manila is empowered with technically qualified and experienced professionals who provide constant assistance to its parent company.

The shared service company offers administrative service such as secretarial management, coordination within the organisations for conferences and other facilities. DSM Manila also has a compliance team which ensures that White & Case take up projects that are compliant with regulatory framework and do not have any conflict of interest.

The company also provides support in terms of documentation to its parent company. In effect, data entry, raising bills, account analysis as well as reports of financial data are all made by the team from DSM Manila. The team of experts also provide IT services for the clients of White & Case by way of setting up infrastructure, maintenance, and quality assurance. The company also provides H.R services, research and marketing services for White & Case.


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