My outsourcing journey [4/5]: Changing your world

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Outsourcing is changing the rules of the game.  Your business needs to harness the opportunities, and conquer this fast moving evolution, or it might just fall behind.

Today, I want to tell you the five unbelievable opportunities for you and your business with outsourcing.

1. Save 70% on staff costs

Yes, really.  A good salary for a university graduate in Philippines is $75 per week! But it’s not really about what you can save…

2. Expand…  Everything!

With an abundant supply or more affordable, educated human resources, the sky is the limit!  It’s not about what you can save, it’s about what you can build.

expand and build

With a good team, you can (i) Increase innovation, (ii) drive sales, (iii) improve product, and (iv) grow markets.  And that’s just for starters…

With a good team, you can out-strategize, out-compete your competitors.  Your team doesn’t create your competitive advantage, they are your competitive advantage!

3. Save the world?!?

Some people are worried that this might be “taking jobs from the West”.  This isn’t the case. Outsourcing is creating extra jobs for people in the developing world, whilst at the same time it’s creating more leverage, opportunity, wealth and abundance for the ‘West’.

It’s a win win.


4. One step further…

Just imagine if…

You could slash your staff costs by 70%, whilst at the same time growing your business, selling more product and entering new markets.  That would be pretty good, right? Let’s take it one step further:

What if… you could build a new part of your company in Philippines and sell to the West?  What if you could build a new product line, enter a new market – all on a ‘third-world’ cost base.  That’s a big opportunity.

5. All possible

This is all possible, and I want to share with you the opportunities.

All possible

In the next post, I give you the stepping stones to understanding this evolution, and how, if you want, to get started – My outsourcing journey [5/5]: It’s about doing


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