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eCommerce virtual assistant


What is an eCommerce virtual assistant?

Running an eCommerce business can be super hectic. May it be a small to medium-sized business, eCommerce business owners need to address the most important tasks. One of these tasks is handled by an eCommerce virtual assistant.   

An eCommerce virtual assistant helps the eCommerce business owner manage their online store/s. They update and add new products, update prices, manage queries, and more. The list can be endless.

What is an eCommerce virtual assistant

What does an eCommerce virtual assistant do?

eCommerce virtual assistants are responsible for the above-mentioned tasks, but as we noted, the list can be endless. 

Here are some of the other roles delegated to an eCommerce virtual assistant:

Product research

Product research refers to the process of determining a product’s success within a market. It’s when marketers conduct evaluations to identify the customer’s needs and preferences.

Order processing

Order processing refers to the handling of the complete flow of order sales. This includes ordering, packing and delivery of the items to a shipping carrier for fulfillment. 

eCommerce virtual assistants make sure that order processing operations or have made it to their distribution centers.

What does an eCommerce virtual assistant do?

Managing inventory

eCommerce virtual assistants can also be delegated to handle inventory. Inventory management is the storing, using, and selling of a company’s inventory. This can be the raw materials, components, and finished products.

Customer service

Customer service support is indispensable to any business. It’s important that eCommerce VAs can deliver excellent customer service to their clients. 

With great customer service, businesses can retain more loyal customers and expect repeat purchases and encounters with them.

Product listing and optimization

Product listing and optimization is the process of upgrading product pages so they can improve their search visibility. If executed properly, this can boost more sales for your e-commerce business. 

eCommerce virtual assistant optimizes products through keyword discovery and optimizing text and image content.

Outsourcing eCommerce virtual assistant

In order to fulfill the above-mentioned tasks in the best way possible, you need experts and trained professionals to perform them. To execute this effectively, outsourcing offers an incredible opportunity to do so. 

By hiring a trusted external service provider, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of letting a third party do these tasks delegated to an eCommerce virtual assistant. You’ll have more time for your core needs while you expect the quality outcome from your outsourced VAs.

Outsourcing FAQ

What skills do eCommerce virtual assistants need?

eCommerce virtual assistance is not for everyone, and aspiring VAs need to have certain skills and qualifications to excel in the field. Experience in handling eCommerce businesses as well as having order processing and sales experiences top the list of qualifications.

Online businesses never sleep and are never stagnant, so a VA has to be a fast learner, flexible, resourceful, and productive. An eCommerce virtual assistant also needs to have word processing and computer skills, self-motivation, discipline, and customer service expertise.

How many hours does a virtual assistant work?

An online virtual assistant can work on the agreed upon work hours. For part-time workers, 20 hours per week is a good minimum. This is enough time for starting VAs to get familiarized with their tasks and get them done. The tasks of a virtual assistant should not be rushed.

If you’re handling a team of VAs, let them share ideas and strategies through effective online collaboration tools that are perfect for remote work. 

How do I start working as a virtual assistant?

When you feel like you have the right skills and qualifications for the job, you may start working as a virtual assistant. There are different types of virtual assistants, like eCommerce VA, marketing VA, legal VA, and more. The first step is to find your niche, so you can market yourself better for potential clients.

Aspiring VAs can create accounts on Upwork or Freelancer to find jobs, but some small to medium-sized companies prefer hiring through business process outsourcing companies to ensure workforce quality and stability. If a company is hiring more than one VA, it would be more practical to seek the help of an outsourcing company.

Do virtual assistants work from home?

Virtual assistants are “virtual” because they don’t work physically in an office. The jobs assigned to them can be done remotely, anywhere they want. They take care of their own internet connection, equipment, and other things needed for their work. 

While most virtual assistants have established their own home offices to have a conducive working environment, some choose the life of a digital nomad. Clients usually do not care wherever you choose to work, as long as the tasks are done efficiently and on time.

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