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Vanguard Screening Solutions, Inc.


About Vanguard Screening Solutions, Inc.

“Having forever changed the industry standard, Vanguard Screening Solutions, Inc. is Asia-Pacific region’s most efficient as well as one of the fastest growing enterprises which deals with background verification and employment screening provision. They have a strong as well as reputable four year history in which they have attained the highest industry standards and a reputation for the quality of services that they provide. They provide globally recognized screening services, amalgamating a diverse set of service capabilities handed to their clients on a golden platter with a surprising amount of cost- effectiveness.

The company provides a plethora of services which include employment screening, cover and fraud investigation and much more with utmost dedication and diligence. They ensure a series of background checks that include a list of standard checks like: Philippine Public Records Search, Employment Details and Performance Feedback, Identity, Character Reference, Reverse Directorship, Reverse Directorship, and needless to say, the list goes on. By conducting these searches they ensure that the candidate has been adequately screened and has been vetted. They also have a cover and fraud investigation that ensure that deeply complex issues like fraud and espionage are easily resolved.


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