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Tsukiden Global Solutions, Inc.


About Tsukiden Global Solutions, Inc.

“Established in the year 1989, Tsukiden Global Solutions, Inc. is located right at the heart of the landscape of Manila. There is no Lack of Filipino IT talent in this region which makes this a perfect strategic location. They cater to a variety of needs, whether it is and development needs of OEM companies, business applications, telecommunications design, quality assurance or embedded systems. They conflate the best of two cultures- Japanese technology with Filipino creativity. This unique amalgam of innovative productivity has earned them the reputation they have today. They have over 300 highly skilled engineers.

Tsukiden Global Solutions Inc. offer the most efficient and enhanced solutions in the market. their services include:

• ON SITE SERVICES- their work force is sent off to the client’s office at the convenience of the client.
• OFF SITE SERVICES- in this case the workers work at a place that is within reach of the client’s office to ensure easy accessibility to the client.
• OFFSHORE SERVICES- this means that the home office is where the development is done.

Tsukiden Global Solutions, Inc. is known for the most efficient and extensive services in the industry.


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