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Top Peg Animation and Creative Studio,Inc.


About Top Peg Animation and Creative Studio,Inc.

“Top Peg Animation and Creative Studio is one of the leading animation service providers in the world. Established more than 20 years back, the company has created a reputation for itself of being the most stable and steady studios in the world. The company is driven by its desire to keep learning and innovating, which helps it in succeeding.

Top Peg Animation is based out of Philippines, and employs a team of highly creative people, who provide top-class content designs and animations that are at par with the international standards.

TPA provides animation services for movies, Television serials, commercials, games, web designs, and other preproduction work, for clients, worldwide. And, this is because of its competitive cost, proficiency in English, and enormous talent. Some of its services include storyboarding, props designs, layouts, animations, 3D Animation, logo designing, t-shirt designing, character designing, etc. The company also trains the potential artists and believes in tapping the hidden talents.

Top Peg is one of the key players in the Animation industry, and believes in providing quality animation services. Flexibility has been its main pulling force, which has helped the company in succeeding in the various shows. Some of its hits include “101 Dalmatians”, “Hercules”, “Baskervilles”, etc.


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