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Smart Account Solutions Co. Ltd.


About Smart Account Solutions Co. Ltd.

SAS (Smart Account Solutions Co. Ltd.) comprises of a team of certified public accountants (CPAs) who have specialized in providing a set of unique and dynamic accounting solutions to all kinds of businesses ventures across the landscape of Philippines. They aim to lead the accounting solutions in Philippines. They inspire confidence, trust, believe in seizing the opportunities and create techniques for business achievement. They have put more from 15 years of their diligence in their work. Their constantly evolving and improving system gives them the edge to give more extensive and better administration with their current as well as future clients.

Services offered

They have a strong alliance with credible corporate legal advisors in the nation, Human Resources Firm, Accounting Software Distributor, Software Developer and Programmers who have a reputation for delivering their services with high efficiency, developing a sense of trust and reliance. To guarantee that quality services are provided at each level of engagement, staff assignment is resolved in view of the customer’s unique needs and expectations. They essentially provide experienced staff that extensively understands their customers’ organizations and conveys what they guarantee. Appropriate coordination of staff aptitudes and ability is employed for optimum efficiency in matching the customer’s specific needs. They employ people who are multi-gifted, adequately trained, result and service-oriented and knowledgeable and have a deep insight of the information technology.


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