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Novare Technologies, Inc.


About Novare Technologies, Inc.

“Novare Technologies, Inc. believes in the mantra of thinking about new transformation, building innovative infrastructure and finally running a managed service base successfully. With a strong hold on these values, Novare Technologies has seen many paradigm shifts since its inception. From being involved in just system integration to evolving into a hub of innovation, Novare now provides a wide array of services. From giving end to end IT support to looking into managed services and knowledge processing outsourcing, Novare does it all. Novare Technologies has a global foothold with it’s headquarter in HongKong.

Services Offered

The products and services offered by Novare is segregated as per its mantra: think, build, run.
As Novare believes in transformation, the consulting team provides new fruitful advices for a Standard Development Organization. Novare also provides API management solutions and works on projects that deal with IT transformation.

Novare builds software and applications to implement the new ideas in these transformation projects. They also work to design strategies to implement these changes. Finally Novare also runs managed services, like maintaining an inventory for the client, or providing remote access, driving automation, maintaining dashboard and many more such new services.


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