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About MySource Solutions

Professional Outsourcing Solutions Created To Help Scale Your Business

MySource Solutions is a leading Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company based in the United States but with operations proudly located in Cebu, Philippines. We provide dedicated remote staff and a dedicated team of skilled professional. We specialize in providing the best virtual staff to exceed expectations and build a strong long term relationship.

We have a spacious office, modern facility, the best technology, backup power, and internet. Our employees are comfortable with a nurturing style atmosphere. We have spared no expense when it comes to making our office a place people love to work.

At MySource we take a consultative and process-driven approach to outsourcing the needs of our customers via a dedicated team that not only includes your remote staff but also management oversight to ensure the successful integration of our team with that of our customer’s team.

We are dedicated to continually evaluating and improving our services to ensure that we’re always firmly ahead of the curve, providing our clients with everything they need to be successful.

MySource offers a variety of services that include (but not limited to) virtual assistance, customer services support, payroll processing, recruitment, HR functions, telemarketing, and digital marketing services. We have the ability to provide services to almost every industry.

With years of experience providing high quality outsourcing services, we have the resources needed to offer professional, custom solutions that will grow your business. We provide outsourcing services that are designed to help you lower cost, scale your business and increase efficiency. Our services allow you to focus on what you do best: running your business. When you have the right talent and technology, you are able to grow your business and focus on the more important tasks that help you achieve your long-term goals. Our outsourcing services can give you the boost your company needs and we will handle the rest.

What MySource Solutions offers its clients

MySource Solutions provides managed, dedicated, full time professions. We do not client-share, the professional agent(s) will be dedicated to your account with a robust support team (that our in-office environment fosters) behind them to ensure success.

How MySource Solutions outshines the competition

Our office has backup power, premium fiber optic internet services which allows us to have 100% uptime for our clients without having to worry about service interruptions. We a are 100% HIPPA compliment with ongoing training and operational improvements. We provide one of the best onboarding process in the industry to ensure a smooth transition.

We are large enough to have the expertise in whatever you need, but small enough to value you partnership the way it should be valued. Our customer centric focus puts your success at the forefront.

MySource Solutions company structure

MySource is a US-Based company with operations in Cebu, Philippines. We are a privately owned professional outsourcing provider. Our CEO and CFO reside in the states while our Operation Officer is located in the Philippines overseeing operations and management along with our amazing Filipino management team.

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The Source

Being one of the top destinations in the Philippines, Cebu City is not just popular…


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