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BPO Elite


About BPO Elite

“About BPO Elite

Founded by Dan Meyer in 2011, BPO Elite is management consulting company that is located in Metro Manila, Philippines. BPO Elite was created to deliver expert analytical solutions to the global marketplace.
The services offered BPO Elite are:

• Analytics training
• Back office support
• Medical ICD10 coding
• Medical Transcription
• Online and Social Networking
• Strategic Analysis

BPO Elite’s experienced team of analysts understands the importance of making decisions at the right time. The team has a diverse background and unique combination of big business know how and small business expertise. The team provides business leaders with the tools necessary to find solutions while allowing the leaders to be confident about their decisions.The vision of the company is to empower its clients to use data-driven decisions to successfully build business strategies.

The wide range of experience in different fields such as legal, outsourcing, recruitment, and financial services allows the company to tackle a wide range of problems.

BPO Elite is committed to empowering its clients to use data-driven decisions to successfully build business strategies. This separates BPO Elite from its competitors.

The company gives back to the community by offering internship programs, training programs, personal coaching sessions, and seminars to college students.

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