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Frederic Joye

Today we talk to Frederic Joye, co-founder of Arcanys. Arcanys is an outsourcing supplier that specializes in software tech and IT vertical.  You don’t get your standard bookkeeping and customer service here – instead, you go to Frederic and Arcanys if you need high-end specialized, dedicated IT and web development staffing.

It’s a really interesting conversation and I certainly got a lot of value out of it. There’s huge value in giving our audience an inside view into the incredible facilities, services, management and companies that are here in the Philippines, that people in the West can leverage, at fantastic prices to really take their company to the next level.


Arcanys is a premier Swiss software development outsourcing firm in the Philippines. They specialize in building highly skilled dedicated teams of developers for startups and established businesses in need of robust software solutions. Founded and run by two successful entrepreneurs since 2010, their software development center provides project-ready tech experts that will work in full compliance with your needs and objectives.




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Top Developers for Software Outsourcing

Frederic Joye – Arcanys

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Derek Gallimore: Welcome to the Outsource Accelerator podcast. This is a short format podcast where we explore business and outsourcing mastery. My name is Derek Gallimore and I am really excited to bring you the leading podcast in outsourcing.

Derek Gallimore: Hi and welcome to another episode of the Outsource Accelerator podcast. My name is Derek Gallimore and this is episode number 226. So today we talked to Frederic Joye of Arcanys. Arcanys is a outsourcing supplier of course, but it specializes in, the tech and IT vertical so you don’t get your standard bookkeeping and customer service here, but you go to Frederic and their company if you want really kind of high end specialized dedicated, IT and web development staffing, Fredric is going to be able to introduce this far bit. So I’m going to allow him to do that. But, it’s really interesting conversation we have and I certainly get a lot of value out of it as mentioned these aren’t infomercials at all. But I think there’s huge value in giving our audience an inside view into the incredible facilities, services, management and companies that are here in the Philippines that people in the West can leverage, at fantastic prices to really take their company to the next step. So I’m sure you’ll enjoy this. I enjoyed chatting to Frederic as always, if you want any of the show notes, go to Enjoy.

Derek Gallimore: Hi and welcome back everybody. Today. I am joined by Frederic Joye of Arcanys. Hi Frederic. How are you?

Frederic Joye: Hi Derek, I’m very good and you?

Derek Gallimore: Yeah. Fantastic. Fantastic. And we’re both here hoping, that the Internet is going to get a hold out for our conversation, which I’m sure it will, but, Fred, we have had you on the podcast previously and I encourage people to go back and listen to those if they want to hear more about you, your background,  and Arcanys of course and, but really I just wanted to get you on this next step. So to really explore what, the essence of Arcanys, what it is and how it can best serve the clients and how, I suppose the combination of our candidates, but also outsourcing, really can be that magic sauce for, businesses out there. But initially, I suppose, Fred, let’s go back to the beginning and, just explore your sitting down in Cebu. You’ve got offices in Cebu and Manila now, which is obviously the Philippines, which is a long way from home for you. So, how did you, how did you end up with Arcanys and living here in the Philippines?

Frederic Joye: It’s actually a long story because we’ve been, working since 2010 on Arcanys, but previously I’ve been, working, in the IT industry in the banking industry, mainly managing, large projects and I’m also partnering with, with a longtime friend of mine, Alan Debonneville, who’s, who’s already built a few, internet startups, that group pretty significantly where software was really, really, of focal points, to, to, to, to grow the operation. So, I joined Alan in 2009 in, in Hong Kong on the new venture that, that he had just set up. It was an ecommerce website and, we had a small opportunity to, to look into some businesses in the Philippines into end of 2009, which kind of drew us to well visit the Philippines. And we discovered that for what we were doing at the time, which was the ecommerce.

Frederic Joye: So it was heavy on customer service people. We could do it much, much better and much cheaper than we were doing it, you know, Hong Kong. So in 2010, we moved our operations from, from Hong Kong to to Cebu first. We had an outsource team that we were working with in India. We weren’t very happy with it. It was working, but we thought that we could try to look for opportunities as well in, in, in Cebu to grow that a development team, which we did and within the span of six months, we had really fitted our expectations, without the operation and we started having friends, asking us if we could help them with software development and, and at some point we, Alan and I sat down and decided maybe that’s the opportunity we want to focus on at the moment because we really saw the potential of, of, of the Philippines compared to what we have been dealing with, in India, for, for me and,also in China with a, for Alan and then we really solely focused on growing Arcanys as a, a company that would do software development, outsourcing for companies, first in Europe, but then we expanded to the US and the most of the Australia and New Zealand at the moment

Derek Gallimore: Right. Fantastic. Almost 10 years you got an outlet who first explored this and things has really moved on alot since then, the depth of talent and the experience of people on the ground. But what do you say to the people? I’m obviously a massive proponent of outsourcing to the Philippines. And I think just the quality and depth of the talent pool here is pretty much unrivaled. But what do you say to people, especially in the tech sector in India, is a bit deeper in terms of the talent pool, but also there’s a emerging places like Vietnam and, Eastern Europe. Now, you’ve obviously done a lot of research and made Philippines your home because of the strengths, but where do you see the strengths lie? And in terms of the Philippines,

Frederic Joye: I think in various aspects that when all combined together makes it great for outsourcing, the first one of course you’re looking at the skills and I agree in the last 10 years the skills have been really increasing. I mean, schools are producing a lot of IT graduates, so you can find plenty of software developers, and also testers and all the services, the skills that you need to go with the software development. So that’s the first thing. The skills are really good. I think people are well educated in general, so it means they were so curious. They try on their own so they also can upskill themselves, when they’re working or even before that and I think there’s also a very important aspect when you’re looking at outsourcing is like the cultural aspect of things and how can you communicate because communication is extremely important in the outsourcing. If you cannot communicate, you can’t outsource.

Frederic Joye: And so I think the Philippines with these very high English level, and the friendliness of the, of the, of the people, it makes it really, really, really a good mix, to, to outsource.  They’re very customer oriented. So it means there,besides being friendly, they really want to find solutions. They want to make the clients happy in, in general. So it really works well They work hard to, to get things done. So, we’ve indeed looked at other locations and we always have that question in the back of our man for a security for a expansion. But instead of opening an office elsewhere in Vietnam or, or in another country, we decided simply to move from Cebu to Manila. So we keep of course our center in Cebu, but we’ve decided that we would go to look at the market in Manila, to, to, to grow instead of anywhere else.

Derek Gallimore: Fantastic. Arcanys is like within one vertical you’re specialized in coding. Now do you want to explain how Arcanys works and its main offering I suppose?

Frederic Joye: Yes, sure so Arcanys is a software development outsourcing company. There are different kinds of, outsourcing companies for software development. What we really focused on these, extending existing teams that are onshore, so in Australia or in Europe and we are, adding, experienced and senior developers to its core team from our offices in, in Cebu, Manila. So, we help clients, drove much faster in, building additional features of their, of their software or, transitioning some, some software, with, with our, with our teams. So we are not just a staffing company because some of them are just like providing debts and then, the clients have to, to deal with them. What we do is we also, kind of, we don’t really manage the project per say for the client because the responsibility always would lie with, with the, with the client to make sure that there’s enough work to be done because they are the drivers of the project.

Frederic Joye: They have the business domain knowledge, which we will acquire over time, but we don’t have it at first and so, but we have teams that are really looking after the developers here and making sure that everything is running as expected. So it’s, it’s kind of like taking all these worries about, would we be on time? Finding out, whatever problem may arise during the sprints. Hiring developers, training them, keeping them happy. That’s all stuff we do and, the client just has to focus on giving work and making sure that, they’re, they’re kept busy as, as long as needed, to develop teachers.

Derek Gallimore: Okay. And how do clients, because you know typically you have a lot of European clients, and its by nature relationship that they build with you and their team. How would you suggest that people really get to know you as the lead or the principal of the project, but also do the divi you know, how do they really get to know who they’re partnering within the Philippines is strong and valid.

Frederic Joye: Of course there’s initial phase of getting to know us and it happens through I mean the internet and through that information they will find about us so we have platform like Outsource Accelerator where people would maybe find us, would read reviews about the us would read, like produce. So that’s the first step probably in short listing a bunch of, of, of providers and then after that, it’s mostly meeting some people within the team, to have one on one interviews or group interviews with engineers, with a, of project managers and with us. So Alan and I as the, as the management team and I think when, when people have really chosen one or two companies they would like to work with, we would invite them to, to visit us because I think that’s the, that’s the key point in really getting to know, the provider is to actually visit the office and meet people in person and kind of the operations. And that’s really where you gain trust.  That one other thing that people can do is, start with a small project or what we call a proof of concept and get to know the team that they will be working on with the, on the long term, trying them out for maybe a month or so and, and, and see the quality of the output, the interactions and the skills of the, of the developers.


Derek Gallimore: Fantastic. Thank you so much. It really gives us a good insight. And if people want to know more, how can they do that?

Frederic Joye: Yes. So they can visit our or they could, send me directly an email at [email protected] or call me on my phone, which is a +63 (917) 634-9110.

Derek Gallimore: Perfect. Thank you Fred. And of course we will show all of that in our show notes.

Derek Gallimore: Okay that was Frederic Joye of Arcanys and if you want any of the show notes for this or any transcripts or any of the details that we talked about, go to outsourceaccelerator/226 and as always, if you want to ask us anything, then drop us an email to [email protected] See you next time.


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