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Ep 232 Frederic Joyce

Frederic Joye

I’m joined by Frederic Joye of Arcanys once again in this podcast.  We are deep-diving more into our Arcanys and how they can help you and your business. Arcanys is very much a specialist vertical. They do hardcore development work in the web development sector.


Arcanys is a premier Swiss software development outsourcing firm in the Philippines. They specialize in building highly skilled dedicated teams of developers for startups and established businesses in need of robust software solutions. Founded and run by two successful entrepreneurs since 2010, their software development center provides project-ready tech experts that will work in full compliance with your needs and objectives.




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Frederic Joye Providing Software Development Talents

Frederic Joye – Arcanysfrr

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Derek Gallimore: Welcome to the Outsource Accelerator podcast. This is a short format podcast where we explore business and outsourcing mastery. My name is Derek Gallimore and I am really excited to bring you the leading podcast in outsourcing.

Derek Gallimore: Hi and welcome to another episode of the Outsource Accelerator podcast. My name is Derek Gallimore and this is episode number 232. So today I’m super excited to be joined by Frederic Joye of Arcanys. Once again, we have had Frederic on the podcast a few times now, originally way back in episode 77. So if you want to hear his origin story then absolutely go back and have a listen to that. Today we’re deep diving more into our Arcanys which is the company,   and how that can help you and your business. Now Arcanys is very much a specialist vertical. They do hardcore development work in the Web Dev, kind of sector. So you know, if that is up your alley, then this episode is absolutely for you. If you’re not too heavily into web dev, then I still encourage you to listen to this because there’s a lot of learnings about a specialized outsourcing suppliers and the opportunities there for you and your business. So a really good episode. And of course this one is,  on youtube as well. We video recorded this, so if you want to see a little bit more color to the conversation, then go and check us out on the youtube channel. So without further ado, we’ll get on with the conversation. If you’re on any of the show notes, go to and as always, enjoy.

Derek Gallimore: Hi and welcome back everybody today. I’m super excited to be joined by Frederic Joye. of Arcanys. Hi Fred, how are you?

Frederic Joye: Very good, thank you. And Yourself?

Derek Gallimore: Yeah. Great. Great. I haven’t had my coffee this morning yet, but  so thanks so much for joining us and we have previously interviewed you before on the, on the podcasts and,   you know, this is really just, an episode where we deep dive into Arcanys. This isn’t a, an infomercial, but it’s really just to give people a sense of,  the opportunities in outsourcing for their business, but also the depth of range of, services within outsourcing. It’s definitely far from just being vanilla and one size fits all and I think I can,   and under your management is a fantastic example for them. So I suppose Fred, just, thank you for your time and if you just want to initially introduce yourself and how I can as came to be.

Frederic Joye: Yes, sure.  so, I’m the co founder of Arcanys. We’re two Swiss guys who founded Arcanys in 2010 and previously we both had the,   I would say a background in, in it and the, for myself in banking as well for 10 years and in Switzerland. And we set up Arcanys 2010 and since last year, we’ve also opened an office in Manila and have currently about 200 people that are working, on various,  software development projects across the world.

Derek Gallimore: Fantastic. And you’re very much in the tech vertical, you’d very much in the coding vertical. What exactly does that can be? Quite a lot of people. Are you building websites or are you providing kind of wholesale staffing solutions for Dev?

Frederic Joye: Yeah, so basically we are,  providing software development talents. So we are in the business of extending existing teams that are onshore with, with the client, with additional experience, our senior resources to accelerate the building of the product of the, of the client. So the most of the clients that we have have a strong technical lead on their side, so CTO or senior architect with a team of one to actually many. So the biggest client we have has around that thousand 500 developers in house. And then we help them with about 30 to 40 developers. And then so it’s mostly leads developers that manage a 2-5 developers on our side. So it’s small groups that work on specific features.

Frederic Joye: Right, right. And this is getting routine sort of far down the rabbit hole for me. But is it pretty much any,  tech application language? I don’t even know the words for it.

Derek Gallimore: Yeah.   so it’s, so what we do is mostly web applications. So,  we’re surfing on the web wave. So we’ve kind of gone away from what we called the computer software per say if you want and we work on specifically web technologies. So this includes all the new javascript, node js, angular js oview, et cetera. These technologies we work to a little bit and PHP as well and then there’s a huge part with .Net Technologies, python and a java that we work with. We don’t build, I would say corporate websites. So we’re not an agency, as you mentioned earlier but we are really hardcore software development based on web technologies.

Derek Gallimore: Right, right. And these ongoing roles aren’t, they do, do roles.  you mentioned earlier that you can do a proof of concept, but what is the typical,   engagement expectations?

Frederic Joye: Right. I would say that it’s the same thing as when you want to hire a resource,  in your own business. You have to train them, you have to pass them knowledge. You have to,   take care of them. And so that’s what happens also with us in our sourcing is like we helped you build a team that will stay on the longterm. So we make sure that we have a very low attrition rates that is below 8% for, I mean last year.   and so we build that long term team for you of course. there might be fluctuation and projects that come in. So we, we, we are also pretty quick in, increasing or downsizing the team. But I think the mindset you want to have when, when you outsource some part of your core business at some point, because most of our clients are,   really software driven or they’re technology companies. So it’s heavy on the product they’re working on. So, they must have this long term vision actually to, to, to work with us. And most clients that have started with us, actually never stopped working with us because it’s ongoing projects. We do have projects that we, we, take for a certain duration, but that’s the minority of the work we do.

Derek Gallimore: Right, right. Because obviously one of the big aspects with working with an outsource team is that it is a remote, but you deal with pretty, as you say, tech,  companies. do you, is it, is it still a is there a process of getting your clients use to the concept of remote or would you say that your clients being right, (inaudible)

Frederic Joye: I lost you when you asked the concept of my clients being,

Derek Gallimore: for your clients.   like we get a lot of clients at that remote working is a relatively new concept to them and it takes a little bit of education and getting them used to the remote to concept. Do you find that to be the case with your ideal clients or are they already more further down the road, with remote working because of the tech and it,

Frederic Joye: yeah, I think the most of them I would see are,  familiar with the idea. some of them have tried already and the have failed or have tried already and succeeded, but they need someone maybe more senior, I mean, more mature.   and very few of them have never tried, but, kind of one to try, but the ones that have never done it, and I’m not interested, I think they’re not, they’re not in our targets. when we do outreach right, it’s very difficult to convince them from an, from a biased point of view, which is us. So they need a lot of of education. So the ones that we, that we get are really familiar with outsourcing a already. Yeah.


Derek Gallimore: Right. And I know this from interacting with clients as well.   people need quick wins and I suppose that’s in any respect when they’re taking on a new relationship, but also if they’re trying outsourcing for the first time, how do you ensure and how do you recommend that people seek out a realistic, quick wins or not quick wins but assurances that this model is working?

Frederic Joye: Yes. So,   I think when it comes to working with us, the, the, the first thing we do is try really to understand the status, the setup of the client, and then show them as quickly as possible, have professional our team,  can be. So, it’s, we have a very structured way of doing, we have a, what we call the project kickoff, and then we try to showcase something that is valuable to the client within the first two weeks. within the first friends. It’s not always possible, especially when you start from scratch, but,   people that are in this industry know that you can, you know, have an extremely quick weaning, two days in software development. it has to take at least two weeks to a month, to realize that. And I think that’s, that’s something we’re able to do in, in, in most cases.

Derek Gallimore: Right. And, you know, I’m had to look over your website and,   you know, you actually have an incredible array of case studies,   and probably more so than, than most other suppliers. I know. you know, and I encourage people to go and read those and review those. Is there any, do you have any examples of significant,  wins or successes that you’ve had with clients?

Frederic Joye: Yeah, there’s one I think of it’s a client that reached out to through our marketing efforts.   and, you responded that he was interested in, in looking at a collaboration with us. and they went on giving a standard, I would say school test to one of our devs and,   they weren’t pleased with the, with the results for whatever reason. So we discouraged these school test because usually they’re not real life test. we’ve seen that, that it doesn’t work so well to do interviews. So that’s the way whoever you want to hire for yourself or for other people, it’s better to put people in a,   real life situation. So, for a couple of months we didn’t speak with them anymore. And then they have tried to hire someone onsite in Australia, and they weren’t getting, I would say good enough candidates for what they could pay because there were a startup, they had limited funds and then they were competing with the big names out there, but will lots of banks, lots of tech companies that have deep pockets.

Frederic Joye: So they came back to us and they said, okay, this time we’ll try with a proof of concept. That is, well you know, framed and they gave it two or three or four, I think. I’ve been companies,   and that was about two weeks worth of work. So we took the same guys that have a kind of failed if you want that, at the school test, and, and realize the proof of concept and which does it for two weeks. And at the end of these tests, the guys took some time to analyze it. And then I got an email from, from the, from the founders saying, look,   we love what you guys did a instead of taking on Dev, I want to take 4 right now, because you guys did great. And now I think we, so they were amazed by how well it was done and how I think dedicated people were and now we have about, I think 12 or 13 people working with these clients. And it’s one of our really clients that we have the strongest relationship with. And I think he’s expected to, to arrive in the office anytime, today. So, yeah.

Derek Gallimore: Yeah. Yeah. And I think,  you know, it’s just getting people to really take that first step, isn’t it, to take a leap of faith and there isn’t really, because, you know, it’s just really giving it a go and sure you can waste a bit of time and pay a bit of a salary. But the upsides, if it works out, is really incredible. And I think it’s educating people not to try and save the extra penny when they’re already trying to say 70%, what, when they’re already saving an incredible amount. but you know, it’s,  it’s just really getting people to, to take that leap of faith really and Fred, I suppose just a, is there a way of, you know, it’s how long is a piece of string, but what is an indicator of the pricing of your services if people want to compare apples for apples or apples and pears?

Frederic Joye: Yeah, so the pricing is around $26 – $27 US dollars an hour for an experienced to senior developer. So these amounts to around $3000 or $4,300 to $4,500 a month, which is if you account for old the cost, this is the fully loaded rate, right? Yeah.

Derek Gallimore: So, yeah.

Frederic Joye: Yeah.  so you about a third of what you would pay, for example, in Australia, Sydney or Melbourne.

Derek Gallimore: Right. Fantastic. Yeah. Fantastic. Thank you Fred. And of course if anyone wants to reach out, they have your website, which we’ll put in the show notes and these case studies there, but if they want to reach out and have a chat to you or learn any more, how can they do that?

Frederic Joye: Yeah, they can,  email me at [email protected] dot com or just give me a call on my phone at +63 (917) 634-9110.

Derek Gallimore: Thank you Fred.

Frederic Joye: Oh, thank you very much Derek.

Derek Gallimore: Okay. That was Frederic Joye of Arcanys. If you want to get in touch with Frederic or know anymore about anything we spoke about, go to our show notes, which is an outsource three two and as always, if you want to ask us anything, then drop us an email to [email protected]


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