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Ep 242 Anthony Kuhn

Anthony Kuhn

I am joined by Anthony Kuhn of 247CSR. We had a really good conversation about the future of outsourcing. Discussing tons of handy tips and tricks about how to optimize outsourcing and outsourcing processes for your business.

We’ve actually spoken to Anthony previously in episodes 220 and 233 if you want to go back and listen to them. I certainly learned a lot and I’m sure you’ll enjoy this too.

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Benefits of Back Office Outsourcing

Anthony Kuhn – 247 CSR


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Derek Gallimore: Welcome to the Outsource Accelerator podcast. This is a short format podcast where we explore business and outsourcing mastery. My name is Derek Gallimore and I am really excited to bring you the leading podcast in outsourcing.

Derek Gallimore: Hi and welcome to another episode of the Outsource Accelerator podcast. My name is Derek Gallimore and this is episode number 242. Today I am joined by Anthony Kuhn of 247 CSR.  we’ve actually spoken to him previously in episode 220 and 233. So if you want his backstory and you want to deep dive a little bit more into a 247 CSR, then go back and listen to these. But,  this, this is an independent episode, which is fantastic anyway, and we had really good conversation about the future of outsourcing. and again, just tons of handy tips and tricks about how to optimize outsourcing and outsourcing processes for your business. So I certainly learned a lot.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy. If you want the show notes, go to for this episode. Enjoy

Derek Gallimore: Hi and welcome back everybody today. I’m super excited to be joined by Anthony Kuhn 247 CSR. Great. Thank very much. And  it’s great to have you back on. We want to discuss with you the more philosophical and sort of esoteric aspects of, of outsourcing now.  it seems that there’s a bit of a dark cloud around sourcing at home. but I suppose can you introduce yourself first and let us know for those that haven’t watched the previous episode, how do you find yourself here in the Philippines?

Anthony Kuhn: coming to the Philippines,  approximately 17, 18 years ago on a exciting adventure,  first time out of the US and I came to the Philippines and I said, oh, this is just a beautiful country.  coming from Chicago, never been in the tropics before and volcanoes and scuba diving. and number one was the people. Everybody was just so nice. You just, everybody you met was just a solo flight. So nice, friendly, and honestly it’s still that same way to this day. That’s the best thing about the Philippines is the people.

Derek Gallimore: Yeah. Really isn’t it really? And  so you, you’ve been an outsourcing now for 17 years and the industries that involved a hell of a lot in it, it’s a, you know, it was called a sunrise industry for maybe two decades in the government is really behind the industry.  it now employs about 1.2, 3 million people. you know, and it’s done incredible things for the Philippines, but people are a little bit worried now. They see potentially plateauing or decline. and there’s a big conversation around AI automation and robotics and, and stuff like that.  and you, you know, smack bang in the middle of maybe of the customer service and everyone saying this is going to be automated, you know, by tomorrow. what’s your take on that? And, how do you think it, it affects the businessmen in the strict, you know, how should they,

Anthony Kuhn: yeah. I, I believe there is some potential for AI and it has come so far in the last few years,  and it’s helpful and, and most people are familiar with it even though they don’t know it when they’re dealing with an airline or they’re dealing with something, press one for this, press two for this.  and it is quite complex nowadays, but nothing’s ever going to take place. So if somebody is saying yes, yes sir, yes ma’am. How can I help you? Let me get this information for you. Like you want to speak to somebody at as one of the biggest concerns with anybody be at UV when I’m calling my credit card company or anything, you know, do y’all have on hold for her, you know, x amount of time. I’m like, look, I want to speak with somebody right now. I want them to be polite and I want them to answer my questions properly.

Anthony Kuhn: And if it can’t be resolved right now, they’re going to get back to me and they’re going to say. We’re following up on this for you. We’re going to take care of this. So it’s not, any inquiry is not too small because that person is gonna say, Hey, I really appreciate your customer service for that client and they’re going to stay with that claim. So that’s one of the main factors was we made sure that all of their clients, their customers are happy and they stay with that. That’s the value add that we give.

Derek Gallimore: Hmm. I think,  you know, there’s a lot of pressure I think in the, in the bigger sector where there might be, have 5,000 people doing the same thing because that can bind its nature, be streamlined and optimized and automated. Whereas I think with a lot of our clientele, which is small to medium businesses, a lot of change and evolution in the processes, it’s, it’s kind of quite difficult to automate their, yeah.

Anthony Kuhn: Yeah. The, there, there is some really nice automation,  do that you can and it’s even helpful. I do as well here in the Philippines as far as, you know, kind of coming nowadays you can pay your bills, you can, you can take care of this. But ultimately if you have an issue, you are going to want to speak with somebody directly. You’re gonna want to say I have a specific issue and I’m not going to listen to a recording. You know, somewhere in that AI function there’s going to be pressed zero and I want to speak to a live person that’s going to help me resolve this.  and one of the most frustrating things that we noticed right away when we developed our CRM was when somebody calls back perhaps the second time or the third time. And if they weren’t entered into the CRM, which we have now, and speak to the new person and they have to repeat their same story.

Anthony Kuhn: You’re like, oh, I get, I just spoke with somebody two days ago. We resolved that issue. And once you contact us, your integrated to the CRM, you know, thank you for calling. I’m Mr. Johnson. We see that you had called and spoke with agent. So, and so yesterday,  AI has been for that, but again, you want to speak to a live person, work chat. We have a live chat program or the ticketing system and being 247 line, we are, most everything is happening within minutes of the time of the client. Communication phones are within seconds.

Derek Gallimore: Right. And the industry has grown and long term, the last trend years you’ve been in this 20 years,  people are saying it’s now plateauing. When do you think is going to go in the next 20 years? In my humble opinion is I think we’re on the beginning of the next wave because I think all of these smaller medium sized businesses, they’re not really in outsourcing yet. Whereas I think potentially in 20 years they could all be outsourcing because of the enhancement of technology interface. Do you see this thing exploding or where’s it gonna go?

Anthony Kuhn: I think it’s going to keep going because everybody that is still growing their businesses or haven’t even started their businesses yet,  that are just getting into it, are going to need a service, are going to need somebody to handle their communications or outsourced or data,  management, or whatever unique function that they need. somebody else can manage that for them so that can free them up so that they can take care of more of their core tasks, more complicated tasks, their main business where they can say, hey, look, it’d be really great if someone could answer our phones or somebody can do this. So I think there’s no shortage of outsourcing needs in the future because there’s always gonna be people developing their own businesses. And nowadays, most everything is Internet based.  there, there is no shortage of people coming up with fantastic ideas and, and starting their own business and their own website.

Anthony Kuhn: But you just get bogged down in any of visual person that says, oh, I started this business, but I’m so busy. Yeah, it’s much easier for them to go ahead and say, hey, look, I want a small company that can happen on my, my phone’s, my communication systems work with me directly. And I trust them that they’re actually have what they say that they have.  and so I think the businesses great. I think there’s no way it’s going to slow down anytime in the near future as you know, like even back in Australia and the UK and America hiring a part time person or a full time person there, by the time you have, you start adding your benefits and all of everything and it gets quite expensive just to hire one person back home. Whereas we can do that and same thing for 25% of the cost.

Derek Gallimore: Yeah. And it’s not only just the hiring person but has decided it’s the on top cost, but also it’s,  the legal exposure to the liabilities and everything is within one contract with you or with outsourcing generally and one payment at the end of the month. And as it’s all wrapped up and everything’s in with also the oversight of the BPO thrown in,

Anthony Kuhn: right? Yeah. Pretty much. She had one stop and you come in, you communicate with us to discuss your needs. It’s a very straightforward process. It’s not complicated at all. And usually within 48 hours we could already be managing all of your phone support, your inbound or outbound or if it’s non-voice programs, every client has a need need. And that’s just it. You have to focus on what that client needs specifically. And then once you can take care of that, then you’re, you’re pretty much straight forward and  and going for that client again, they really need to focus on their main business and release some of the, repetitive tasks so that they can build their business and we can help them grow.

Derek Gallimore: Do you think they’ll ever be a time when you I pull up the pyramid flipping upside down where, you know, someone in the US with the broad idea could come up with a widget that they need selling.  and they lay outsource the business. They say, look, I’ve got this widget. Can you, can you find customers? Can you serve the customers, fulfill the delivery, and do the bookkeeping while you’re at it. Do you, do you think there’s ever going to be a ton?


Anthony Kuhn: Well, I think there is something pretty much if you can think it, we can do it. You know, we, we specialize in of course, BPO, back office processing and everything like that. Our company doesn’t actually specialize in,  and programming stuff that are really more technical or our back office community, operational, operational, communicating with their clients, customer support. But if you have an idea and you say, hey, I think I can do this, I’m pretty sure we could mimic the entire thing here.

Derek Gallimore: Fantastic. Thanks so much. And of course,   I encourage everyone to go back and listen to previous episodes to have, we’ve had a chat, but if anyone wants to know more about 247 CSR how they will get in touch with you. How can they do that?

Anthony Kuhn: just go ahead and contact anybody in my agents through live chat and say, Hey, I want to speak with Anthony directly. I’ll be calling you back within minutes.

Derek Gallimore: Fantastic. Thank you so much, Anthony.

Anthony Kuhn: Thank you.

Derek Gallimore: Okay. That was Anthony Kuhn of 247CSR. I hope you enjoyed that. If you want any of the show notes, go to and as always, if you want to ask us anything, then just drops an email to [email protected] see you next time.


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