Free Virtual Assistant


What is a free virtual assistant?

Looking to hire a virtual assistant, but unsure if the arrangement would work? You might benefit from a free virtual assistant!

As a test, some outsourcing companies offer the services of a full-time dedicated virtual assistant for free! For two weeks, you’ll get to work with a professional virtual assistant to check if the arrangement is beneficial for you and your business. The experience will also help answer your questions about working with a remote assistant, and other concerns that come with it.

What qualities should you look for in a virtual assistant?

Virtual assistants are generally knowledgeable in the basic photo and video editing, data entry, social media management, and customer service tasks. Further, your virtual assistant should be a perfect fit for your company, culture, and skills-wise.

Here are some traits and qualities you should look for in a virtual assistant:

  • Adaptable and flexible;
  • With time management skills;
  • Fast learner;
  • Independent and motivated;
  • With excellent communication skills
What qualities should you look for in a virtual assistant?
What qualities should you look for in a virtual assistant?

Outsourcing FAQ

How old do you have to be to become a virtual assistant?

Virtual assistance is a tough and legitimate job. While some clients prefer to hire VAs for part-time or full-time positions, you will still be given a good amount of responsibilities. You can possibly be a VA with no prior experience, but you have to be at least 18 years old when applying, especially when it’s done online.

Most companies outsource their VA needs, and outsourcing companies always require proof that the applicant is at least 18 years of age before pushing through with the application.

How do I start working as a virtual assistant?

When you feel like you have the right skills and qualifications for the job, you may start working as a virtual assistant. There are different types of virtual assistants, like a dedicated VA, marketing VA, legal VA, and more. The first step is to find your niche, so you can market yourself better for potential clients.

Aspiring VAs can create accounts on Upwork or Freelancer to find jobs, but some small to medium-sized companies prefer hiring through business process outsourcing companies to ensure workforce quality and stability. If a company is hiring more than one VA, it would be more practical to seek the help of an outsourcing company.

How many hours does a virtual assistant work?

An online virtual assistant can work on the agreed upon work hours. For part-time workers, 20 hours per week is a good minimum. This is enough time for starting VAs to get familiarized with their tasks and get them done. The tasks of a virtual assistant should not be rushed.

If you’re handling a team of VAs, let them share ideas and strategies through effective online collaboration tools that are perfect for remote work. 

Do virtual assistants work from home?

Virtual assistants are “virtual” because they don’t work physically in an office. The jobs assigned to them can be done remotely, anywhere they want. They take care of their own internet connection, equipment, and other things needed for their work. 

While most virtual assistants have established their own home offices to have a conducive working environment, some choose the life of a digital nomad. Clients usually do not care wherever you choose to work, as long as the tasks are done efficiently and on time.

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