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Visita Solutions Inc.


About Visita Solutions Inc.

“Visita Solutions Inc. was founded in the year 1990 and entered the Software Development business in 2010. The Visita Group, comprises of Visita International Philippines, Inc and H Daya International Philippines. In order too meet the nation’s rising IT needs, they have entered the Software industry to cater to an entirely new set of clients and cater t the youngest and the most dynamic industry in the world. In this vortex of this industry, Visita Solutions has made its name as one of the dominant players that strives to produce the best solutions and give the most enhanced output.

Visita Solutions Inc. provides a plethora of high quality services which include but are not limited to VSI production system, VSI point-of-sale system, VSI inventory system, VSI hotel management system, payroll outsourcing, VSI biometric payroll system, VSI door lock system, VSI accounting system and much more. Visita Solutions Inc. is known for the tenacity with which it excels in providing solutions to its clients and the zeal with which it helps optimize output. Visita Solutions Inc. is known for the passion and dedication as well as the innovative solutions that it provides its clients with.

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