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Tholons Southeast Asia, Inc.


About Tholons Southeast Asia, Inc.

“Tholons Southeast Asia Inc. is a part of Tholons, a strategic advisory and global investment outsourcing firm. Tholons Southeast Asia Inc. is the Southeast Asian division of the company, overseeing strategic resources in China, Vietnam, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines. The company has its headquarters in New York City, with offices across the world in London, Montevideo, Uruguay, and Bangalore. The Southeast Asian wing located in Pasig City in the Philippines.

Tholons Southeast Asia Inc. provides various advisory services for key business and governments across the region. The company has developed a holistic view of the global business process outsourcing industry, with key focus on growth and expansion strategies, operational improvement solutions, service for small and medium businesses, advisory for private equity firms, and asset management for enterprises and corporates. The company also provides governmental and trade body intelligence to various businesses, allowing them to choose the perfect location to set up their off-shore offices, with roadmaps for choosing the “Centers of Excellence”. The firm identifies key metrics for skill development in the region, skill assessment for talent, as well as taxation and legal regulatory framework identification and processing.

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