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About MVP Asia Pacific

MVP Asia Pacific is a leading offshore company among BPOs based in the Philippines. With over 300 remote staff located in central Clark, our team cater to almost every business need.

We’ve proven to help our clients grow by providing top-of-the-line staff for a variety of areas, rich and longlasting partnerships with your MVP employees and the primary benefit being, on average, MVP Asia Pacific can save your company 75% on overhead costs.

MVP can scale your organisation quickly & cost-effectively with a dedicated remote staff member. Connect with us today to learn more about our offers!

What MVP Asia Pacific offers its clients

MVP goes above and beyond for its clients, providing top-of-the-line staff for a number of areas, including;
Customer Service & Data Entry,
Administration & Virtual Assistants,
Finance & Accounting,
Architecture & Drafting,
Real Estate & Management,
Software & Web Development,
Engineering & Product Design,
IT & Cyber Security,
Marketing & Graphic Design,
UI/UX Design & User Testing

How MVP Asia Pacific outshines the competition

Not only is MVP a leading BPO in the Philippines, it also boasts an average of 75% savings for overhead costs of its clients. You could be spending less time on the day-to-day and more time on the meaningful work that will shift the bottom line. On top of that, MVP uses strict and comprehensive exams (both written and oral), following by panel interviews to ensure the highest quality and experienced candidate for your role.

MVP Asia Pacific company structure

MVP acts as a conduit between your company and your highly skilled MVP professional. The team of MVPs work diligently to scale your business in a time effective manner. At MVP, you can trust you’re in good hands with an industry leader.

The MVP team seamlessly integrates with your business, taking on your processes and integrating with your team. You will have direct access to your new staff member via phone, email and video conferencing. MVP will handle all employment paperwork, world-class equipment and facilities as well as HR management.

A few metrics about MVP Asia Pacific


Services offered by MVP Asia Pacific

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