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Ivant Technologies and Business Solutions, Inc.


About Ivant Technologies and Business Solutions, Inc.

“Ivant Technologies and Business Solutions, Inc. is the brainchild of an experienced Java programmer turned business magnate Pepe Tan. As a medium sized company that provides web consulting and software innovation company based out of Manila, Philippines. It has an increasing customer base both in Philippines as well as across the globe.

Initially, Ivant Technologies started as an internet development company, but soon ventured into software development also. A team of experts who can create a web application or software based on the requirements of its clients is what makes the company stands out from its competitors.

The company customises its client’s specifications right from conceptualisation to designing to developing the product to implementation. In this cut throat I.T. Industry, Ivant Technologies has been able to make a name for it and is considered one of the few companies that provides 100% customer satisfaction.

Ivant Technologies caters primarily to the BPO industry. It offers java programming services, web application development, CMS solutions along with web application designing services. These services compliment the client’s business model in terms of simplifying cumbersome processes and a result of which, the client gets an ease in doing business.


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