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Du-Baladad and Associates


About Du-Baladad and Associates

Du-Baladad and Associates set up shop in the Philippines over seven years ago in the field of corporate law and taxation. Benedicta Du-Baladad and Fulvio D. Dawilan who coined the name Du-Baladad and Associates or BDB Law started out the company.

Tax litigation through useful methodologies established by the team of lawyers, helps clients do away with going to trial, if possible. The process starts from advice and assistance to clients.
Providing guidance to the vast client base with regard to tax planning and tax laws. Prudency is encouraged to clients pertaining to savings, transactions through effective planning to ensure compliance at all times.

The team of Du-Baladad and Associates provide advisory services in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, risks, deal breakers, from fiscal and regulatory perspectives to ensure optimum benefits for the client.

Public advocacy services like drafting new laws, providing corporate legalese to start ups of foreign entities pertaining to operations and the entire registration process in accordance with the law of the land is made available.

Experts provide detailed strategies in the field of tax compliance with tax audit reviews, preparing and filing of tax returns. The assistance provided includes VAT, income taxes and other scope of taxation that the client requires.


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