Podcast Virtual Assistant


What is a podcast virtual assistant?

Podcasts are great tools for learning and disseminating valuable or entertaining content. They have gained popularity over the past few years, and is steadily becoming a strong medium all on its own. Podcast producers and hosts create regular podcast episodes, and without any extra help, it could get overwhelming.

This is where the help of a podcast virtual assistant is needed. Podcast VAs provide a remote helping hand in podcast production. From appointment setting to post-production, VAs play a significant role in producing and airing a successful podcast episode.

Tasks delegated to a podcast virtual assistant

Listening to podcasts seem so easy and seamless, but listeners do not realize the hard work that goes behind the scenes of producing a podcast. Podcasts virtual assistants take the following responsibilities to produce an entertaining episode:

  • Scheduling appointments, collecting headshots, and overall communication with guests.
  • Creating transcripts for the episodes.
  • Editing and finalizing the audio (clearing background noises, adding advertisements, adding intro/outro music, etc.)
  • Writing necessary content
  • Promoting the episode in social media
  • Other tasks as assigned

Outsourcing FAQ

How do I start working as a virtual assistant?

When you feel like you have the right skills and qualifications for the job, you may start working as a virtual assistant. There are different types of virtual assistants, like podcast VAs, social media VA, marketing VA, legal VA, and more. The first step is to find your niche, so you can market yourself better for potential clients.

Aspiring VAs can create accounts on Upwork or Freelancer to find jobs, but some small to medium-sized companies prefer hiring through business process outsourcing companies to ensure workforce quality and stability. If a company is hiring more than one VA, it would be more practical to seek the help of an outsourcing company.

Do virtual assistants work from home?

Virtual assistants are “virtual” because they don’t work physically in an office. The jobs assigned to them can be done remotely, anywhere they want. They take care of their own internet connection, equipment, and other things needed for their work. 

While most virtual assistants have established their own home offices to have a conducive working environment, some choose the life of a digital nomad. Clients usually do not care wherever you choose to work, as long as the tasks are done efficiently and in a timely manner.

How much do Filipino virtual assistants make?

A virtual assistant’s pay depends on their expertise and years of experience. However, according to Payscale, an average VA makes a minimum hourly pay of $4. 

Where you find your podcast virtual assistant also plays a part in determining their salary per month. Freelance VAs hired through popular job platforms like Upwork and Fiverr start at $5 per hour, while those hired through outsourcing companies’ rates start at $8 per hour. With virtual assistants, you can save a lot of money on labor costs, but not to the point of consuming cheap labor.

How do I become a successful virtual assistant?

Effective communication is the key to becoming a successful virtual assistant. Excellent communication skills, flexibility, and friendly attitude (for customer service) can go a long way. In addition, a successful Amazon VA needs to be updated with the latest sales, marketing, and social media trends in order to attract and retain customers.

Further, VAs in general need to have the following skills and characteristics: 

– Time management skills

– Organizational skills

– Problem-solving skills

– Adaptability and versatility


– Dependable and consistent

– Trustworthy and proactivity

– Efficiency and professionalism

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