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Quinn Data Facilities, Inc.


About Quinn Data Facilities, Inc.

“Quinn Data Facilities, Inc (QDF) an affiliate of Quinn Data Limited was founded in 2008 in the Philippines to provide data management and outbound telephone fund raising services for charities. Since then, it has expanded its services to provide more solutions to its clients. Since Dec 2015 they have served more than 1100 clients, belonging to telecommunications, banking and financial institutions, retail, consumer electronic goods, insurance, IT, advertising, charity, and media. Its services have a true global outreach and its clients have been based out of US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and UK.

QDF offers four major services:

• Front office solutions: customer service, virtual assistant, helpdesk, sales and collections, etc through phone, mail and chat.

• Back office solutions: order process, telecommunications provision & fault management, data entry/coding and transcription for general/medical/legal services, indexing, etc.

• Knowledge process solutions: from front end development to IT solutions, graphic design, and mobile app developments; from back end development to book keeping, finance and accounting, etc.

• Lead generation and data supply solutions: collect profile data, tele survey data, 2nd used data and online data.

• They also provide some bespoke services.

They are trying to position themselves in the global market as not just a service provider, but, to quote their vision, to be the preferred business partner; as in they want to create a synergetic relationship with their clients to help build business together.

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