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NMG IT Outsourcing Corp.


About NMG IT Outsourcing Corp.

NMG IT Outsourcing Corp. was founded in the year 2006. It has its base in the Netherlands and Philippines. This is a software development company to which services are outsourced by the clients. Its aim is to provide services and products of a superior quality that can bought at an affordable price to enhance the usage of internet. NMG IT Outsourcing Corp. is an expert in working with open source technologies like LAMP (Linus, Apache, MySQL and PHP). It uses these technologies to create its interactive websites and internet and intranet components.

Services Offered

NMG IT Outsourcing Corp. provides different kinds of services pertaining to technology. This company works with many different types of programming languages like HTML, Javascript, ASP, PHP 4/5 and many more from open sources. While working with these languages they create applications based on these languages, especially javascript. NMG IT Outsourcing Corp. helps with server maintenance like Linus, Apache, Windows and many more. Apart from this they also create frameworks on which other tools can be integrated, they create websites with the help of multimedia tools like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash and with the help of search engine optimization make these websites easily accessible through search.

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