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ePerformax Contact Centers and BPO

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ePerformax Contact Centers & BPO has been a pioneer BPO in the Philippines since 2002. For over 20 years, our strategy has been to be the best performing customer contact center for our clients – in the Philippines and globally. We are selective about the clients we add to our portfolio to manage growth and ensure our executive team supports our clients’ performance and overall business success.

Our strategy and values are part of our PERFORM culture. We understand that to each client’s customers we are their brand and everything we do determines how customers feel about the brand. We are our clients’ “CX Team,” and we look beyond the obvious and see every problem through a lens of opportunity. To us, PERFORM is more than a word. It represents Passion, Empowerment, Resourcefulness, Flexibility, Optimism, a Results Orientation, and the Motivation to help our clients achieve great things. We are, in effect, our clients’ enablers for designing the best customer experience, creating a safe and supportive environment, and identifying best practices, protocols, and standard operating procedures that can help them grow, compete, and build trust in the marketplace.

ePerformax has approximately 8,000 employees working in three Super Centers and remotely from home supporting 10 clients and 40 lines of business.

What ePerformax Contact Centers and BPO offers its clients

What ePerformax uniquely offers our clients falls into three broad categories. Here is a top-line overview.

Our Proprietary Recruiting, Hiring, and Staffing Process Advantage
• Global CX & Management Academy (GCMA) Advantage. Our GCMA is unique. Each supersite location in Manila, Cebu and Roxas City has its own GCMA. The Academy consistently hires and trains potential candidates for client programs. At any one time, each Academy can have up to 500 employees (depending on clients’ needs and seasonality) in Customer Experience Training. This provides our programs with a pool of highly qualified agents to hire from to ensure staffing needs are met with qualified people for our clients.

• Global CX Assessment (GCA) Advantage. Our GCA is a proprietary on-line assessment tool used by the GCMA to screen every applicant for performance capability and probability for success. This assessment score is used provide candidates with a rating that determines their base pay depending on the complexity of the client’s customer service applications and the candidate’s experience, knowledge, and skills. A detailed scorecard from the assessment provides candidates with a customized training curriculum for the Academy that can range from two weeks (minimum for the highest scorers) to 12 weeks (maximum for those that have high potential but minimal experience). The assessment is conducted again after the completion of training to certify the trainee is ready for client assignment. All employees in GCMA training must certify at a minimum score depending on the profile requirement to be considered for a program assignment. Approximately 80% of the candidates certify from the GCMA which in turn provides a 95% certification from client training and a greatly accelerated performance curve for new hires as compared to other outsourcers. This is a tremendous advantage for our clients.

• Global Management Training Advantage. Our management training is available to all employees. The curriculum is entitled Leadership Evolution & Advancement Program (LEAP). Employees may enroll in LEAP to explore leadership options, to pursue specific leadership positions, or enhance their knowledge and skills for their current or next role. The training is focused on building on the PERFORM culture by maximizing individual employee performance, engaging and retaining employees, and providing superior service to our clients and their customers.

Our Organizational Structure Advantage
• Dedicated teams
o All employees from the agent to the Program VP are dedicated to a specific client program and associate their employment with that client. The only shared resources for client program teams are Finance, HR, IT, and employee services.

• Unique Management Model
o Coaches manage agents, conduct performance reviews, and create performance improvement plans for individuals and their teams. They report to Performance Development Supervisors.
o Team Leads manage daily operations, handle agent escalations, and conduct real time feedback to agents to improve performance. They report to an Operations Supervisor.
o The operations and performance development teams reports to a LOB (Line of Business) Manager and all LOB Managers report to the overall Program Director.
o The separation of Operations (Ops) and Performance Development (PDev) ensures both urgent (real time floor support) and important (coaching and development) are given equal priority. Most outsourcers are weak in one or the other area, mostly coaching and development.

Our Proprietary Performance Maximization Model and our PERFORM Culture Advantage
• Measurement and Analytics Advantage: We provide Six Sigma expert support for our analytical teams on each program to drive operational excellence. While most of our clients have their own data reporting process we utilize, we also use a reporting tool that delivers our Performance Maximization Analysts with a comprehensive view of the performance of the programs, including detailed reports on each team and each individual. Scorecards with the key metric targets and the comparative performance to the metrics plus a behavioral analysis, conducted through automated and/or live production evaluations, is used to coach and develop agents and managements performance.

• Training and Coaching Advantage: Our employees are assigned dedicated time beyond their specific production schedule for coaching, which happens consistently every two weeks and training, which happens as needed based on an employee’s Scorecard. Our managers are trained to use our specific Coaching model, which is designed to empower employees to become true partners in their own performance maximization.

• Motivation Advantage: Our Pay-for-Performance model motivates employees to perform to the max and embrace our PERFORM culture. The better an individual performs, the more compensation they enjoy and the more likely they are to remain with ePerformax and move into management. We also have a unique concierge service which is highly motivating to employees because we have a team that will take care of everything from paying bills to laundry to house hunting. Our goal is to keep the employees motivated and stress free at the office so they can focus on taking care of business at the office.

How ePerformax Contact Centers and BPO outshines the competition

According to our clients, what sets ePerformax apart from competitors is:

1. Consistent Best-in-Class and Balanced Performance on all KPMs: We make it our mission to perform. We don’t just deliver on one KPM. Instead, we deliver in a balanced manner that ensures the best efficiency for your costs savings, while providing the most effortless experience and best service for your customers. If you want an outsourcing partner that cares as much about your customers as you do and can deliver on your brand promise, ePerformax will not let you down.

2. Ability to Staff to Growth Requirements (even on short notice): ePerformax started the Global CX & Management Academy (GCMA) in 2008 when the ready to hire talent pool became insufficient to consistently meet client needs. Our evolving, proprietary candidate assessment tool determines the strengths and weaknesses in communications and customer service skills to identify potential candidates. Those selected receive a custom training curriculum and have up to 12 weeks to close performance gaps. Our training ensures that new hires can join the team without significant impact to performance.

3. Agile and Effortless Working Partnership: We know how important providing an effortless experience for your customers is because it drives brand loyalty beyond what even the best service can provide. We believe your team deserves the same level of effortless service as your customers do. We are extremely passionate about what we do and empower our team to do what needs to be done to take care of your needs. You are not assigned an account manager that you must work through to get things done. You work directly with operations so details aren’t lost in translation, and we can move quickly. We make it our job to be proactive and communicate openly and regularly (as often as you prefer). We are not perfect, and challenges are part of the business, so we partner with you to resolve issues before they become problems.

4. Superior Business Insights and Analytics: We have a business analytics team dedicated to every program, a centralized business intelligence team that uses ePerformax’s BI tools from InforTM to support their efforts. While solving customers problems is a big part of what we do every day, our goal is to minimize the occurrence of problems for both your company and your customers.

5. Retention and Engagement of Your Program Employees: Retention is a primary focus for ePerformax. We know tenure, experience, and career development are key components of a top performing team. Our clients have told us our culture is what sets us apart and provides the stickiness we have with our employees and why we have a vision that supports continuous learning and development to maximize the potential of every employee. As a result, 95 percent of our leadership team is promoted from within. We have very low turnover in the top performing agent deciles (less than 2 percent per month) and our attrition for management for all programs runs about 8% a year.

In addition to having a strong culture that drives retention, we have an extensive list of employee benefits that also drive retention. The three that are most unique (and applauded by our employees) include: bi-weekly pay-for-performance bonuses, free mobile phones and service plans, and concierge services that provide help and support for a multitude of services to make employees’ lives easier, especially those that work the overnight shift.

ePerformax Contact Centers and BPO company structure

ePerformax is a privately held Philippine BPO pioneer, which began operations in the Philippines in 2002. The company is a JV between Performance Consulting Group, Inc. (PCG) a 30+ year old U.S. certified Women’s Business Enterprise sales, training, and performance management company, and Transnational Diversified Group (TDG), a 45+ year old Philippine conglomerate of dynamic and forward-looking corporations engaged in widely diverse businesses from logistics to transportation to IT and travel.

The strength of the partnership between PCG and TDG provides ePerformax clients with the expertise to leverage the “customer-centric” culture that has made the Philippines the top country for customer service in the world.

Sample highlight service offering of ePerformax Contact Centers and BPO

We provide our clients with fully customized customer care services 24 x 7 x 365 days a year. Our company’s customer services currently consist of voice (60%), chat (25%), and email (15%) for primarily English-speaking customers (97%) with some specialty languages including Tagalog, Spanish, and Mandarin for specific client needs. We also provide back-office services to support customer care. Other support services we provide include:

Training Development: Clients often rely on us to enhance their existing training and/or develop new training for new products and services. We have a department dedicated to developing training, which can be delivered via multiple channels including on-line via computer or smart tablets and, when appropriate micro learning on smart phones, classroom, and pre- and post-shift huddles.

Business Analytics: Each client program has a Business Analytics group, incorporated into the team we refer to as Performance Maximization. This group conducts extensive analytics from data provided by the client and data gathered internally through monitoring and evaluation of transactions and interactions. The results are reported on a regular basis but not less than monthly, with extensive insights and recommendations.

Business Development Support: We adapt quickly to the changing needs of each client, their customers, and the market. As such, our clients often rely on us to test and pilot new products and services. This is supported by both training development and business analytics.

Performance Innovation: We develop service enhancements for our clients and with our clients to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the services we provide them and the products and services they provide to their customers. We don’t rely on technology to innovate, but it is often part of our solutions.

Technology Consulting: We work with our clients to leverage their inhouse technology to deliver superior customer care. In the process of using the technologies, we often find opportunities to make recommendations for enhancements which we do so as part of our partnership. Our highly experienced IT Team is well versed in multiple systems, configurations and technologies current used in the customer care business today.


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About ePerformax Contact Centers and BPO: Review and comparison

ePerformax is a successful outsourcing ally and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service that gives customers service that wows through recruitment, practical training, and performance management.

Through its 19 years of service, ePerformax has worked to bring forth unforgettable experiences to its customers with the purpose of evolution in mind.  The BPO is currently doing business in Pasay City and Metro Manila in the Philippines, with more than 6,500 employees.  The last reported revenue of ePerformax is between $50 and $100 million.

This high-performing contact center partners with its clients to understand the needs of the business and create solutions that make life easier.  Eperfomax uses data analytics to provide preventive options that turn needs improvements into the next best innovation for its partner.

ePerformax Contact Centers and BPO Outsourcing

ePerformax prides itself on the ability to integrate with any system seamlessly.  This gives them more time to focus on what matters most, providing their clients with executive-level support.  Their staff receive training to effectively communicate with customers on the channel that works best for them, whether that be via phone, email, chat, or social media.

 The firm is 100 percent dedicated to helping its clients reach their values of efficacy.  One will never have to worry about breaks in service as they operate in three different locations that work together to ensure this never happens. 

ePerformax Contact Centers and BPO’s BPO services and pricings

ePerformax is a trusted and powerful outsourcing partner that offers these exceptional services:

  • Omnichannel Customer Support
  • Executive Level Support
  • Customized Solutions
  • Content Moderation
  • Back-End Office Support
  • Customer Analytics & Insights
  • Multiple Industry Verticals
  • Automated Customer Solution
  • Seamless Integration
  • Serving English Speaking Customers
  • Certified Diverse Supplier

The contact center and BPO is also a successful and trusted partner of PayPal, T-Mobile, Lending Tree, Boost Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, eBay, Experian, and JP Morgan Chase & Co, to name a few.

ePerformax’s pricing

ePerformax’s pricing structure is dependent on the needs of its clients.  They understand how vital outsourcing is to the success of their clients and will work with them to create a high-quality package deal that meets and exceeds their needs.

How ePerformax Contact Centers and BPO outshines its competition

The firm takes pride in the ePerformax advantage that continually exceeds its client’s expectations.  As listed on their site, the advantage of their services are:

  • The Philippines is the number one location for the best customer support
  • Choosing staff members based on their ability to achieve company efficacy
  • Training that integrates cultural differences
  • 100 percent dedication to supporting and meeting their client’s needs
  • Seamless system integration
  • Three locations to ensure their clients don’t experience a break in service

In addition, ePerformax’s advantage has helped them create client relationships that have lasted more than ten years.

Key executives

Teresa Hartsaw (CEO)

Teresa Hartsaw has been the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at ePerformax for 33 years.   Hartsaw is a recognized leader at the firm and at Performance Consulting Group (PCG) in Nashville, Tennessee.  She has successfully built two outsourcing agencies focused on learning and development to innovate and achieve client forecasts.

ePerformax Contact Centers and BPO reviews and comparisons

ePerformax is an ingenious and innovative contact center and BPO provider of solutions in the Philippines.  They are known for their ability to provide business insights and strategies that enhance customer satisfaction rates.  According to PayPal and, they are the definition of teamwork and unique recruitment and training strategies.

ePerformax Contact Centers and BPO’s contact information

ePerformax Contact Centers and BPO’s main headquarters is located in:

100 Saddle Springs Blvd., 37179, Thompsons Station, TN

Further, you may virtually reach out the company through the following contact information:

In addition, you may email them at [email protected] or call ‭+1 (615) 983-2315‬.


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