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Alexander Mann Solutions


About Alexander Mann Solutions

Alexander Mann Solutions was founded in 1996 with a vision to revolutionise talent acquisition and management by companies. Business leaders have now become smart enough to know that the progress of any company depends mainly on the quality of their employees. The people with the right skills and the right mindset are key so that they are able to share their views and skills to help the company grow. Alexander Mann Solutions is a leading brand in outsourcing companies and works in over 80 countries and in 30 different languages. They have now grown into a company that has over 3500 employees dedicated to finding the best talent the world has to offer.

Alexander Mann Solutions knows that the clients are all different and all have their own specific needs. Hence Alexander Mann Solutions aim to fulfil all their unique needs. They help provide companies with

• Permanent workforce
• Flexible workforce
• Total workforce is a blend of both permanent as well as temporary employees
• Campus and school leaver talent acquisition where they help identify potential hard workers requires a completely different mindset and strategy.
• Executive talent that are needed to be good leaders in the companies


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