Outsourcing in the perspective of an operations manager

Outsourcing in the perspective of an operations manager

We always hear about the advantages of outsourcing either from the perspective of the executives or from the clients themselves. It is rare that we get to hear the viewpoint of someone from the upper-level management, the operations manager.

Michael Mogan, operations manager at SixEleven BPO, recently talked with Outsource Accelerator Founder and CEO Derek Gallimore at the Outsource Accelerator Podcast. In the episode, Michael and Derek discussed outsourcing in Davao, Michael’s outsourcing experience and current projects, and dealing with COVID-19.

Outsourcing and SixEleven

Outsourcing is a countercyclical industry

Outsourcing is a countercyclical industry

Michael is an outsourcing guy for twelve years, that it’s safe to say that he knows almost all there is to know about the industry. He started as an agent, which lasted for two years. From there, he made his way up to supervisor, assistant manager, then operations manager. He started his career in Manila, but moved to his home in Davao where he got hired by SixEleven.

It may be hard to believe for some, but since outsourcing is a countercyclical industry, clients also keep coming amid the pandemic. The current account that Michael’s handling is an e-commerce firm called ejam. Michael said that while it is unfortunate that some clients chose to close their campaigns or lessen their staff, employees who are affected by this were transferred and assigned to work under ejam, making it a win-win situation for everyone involved.


Michael did not specify their pricings, but he said what he’s sure of is that services are cheaper in Davao. He took pride in SixEleven offering team leaders, operations manager, recruitment and staffing for free. They also provide free two weeks training for their agents. With a 24/7 customer support, you’re surely getting the bang for your buck.

Davao City as an outsourcing destination

The cheaper labor is not the only reason why clients should try outsourcing in Davao City. Michael stated that the city is the fourth safest city in Asia, due to the discipline of the people. Michael is proud to say that they “can accommodate almost all kinds of jobs coming from our clients,” adding that with their over 15 years of experience, “that’s enough to say that we [are successful.”

In addition, internet capabilities are improving, COVID-19 cases are limited, and they’re “almost going back to the normal process.”

To learn more about SixEleven, feel free to visit their website today. 


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