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Industry leader and Outsource Accelerator Founder Derek Gallimore is optimistic about the ‘booming’ outsourcing industry, as it remains thriving over the last year despite the pandemic.

In a TV interview with One News, Gallimore said that the industry has seen a growing demand among small to medium enterprises (SMEs) globally. He added that most outsourcing clients are SMEs coming from 32 countries and from over 23 industry sectors.

Gallimore also noted that the sector is “moving away” from call centers, answering phone calls, and providing customer service. He added that the industry is leaning towards augmentation and the higher value roles – with Filipino staff working shoulder to shoulder with staff and businesses across the West on equal footing.

In a report published by the outsourcing platform, Outsource Accelerator said it generated 1,118 inbound outsourcing quotation requests over the last 12 months, requiring an impressive 5,470 full-time jobs and representing over $164M in contract value. For April 2021 alone, the company’s Source Partner program generated 203 quotation requests, requiring 911 full-time jobs with a contract value of over $23.3M.

While this shows impressive interest in the country’s outsourcing industry, it is a slight dip compared to the previous months. Despite this, the firm is expecting to see “significant growth and record numbers” in May figures.

Further, the Outsource Accelerator Founder shared encouraging projections for the outsourcing industry. “There’s a capacity of 40 million roles to be outsourced in the next 10 to 20 years. It’s up to the Philippines to capture those 40 million jobs.”

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