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S&P Capital IQ


About S&P Capital IQ

“S&P Global Market Intelligence provides solutions to the investors critical about their business or financial decision. They collect, interpret, analyze and deliver quality solutions.

The company considers relevance, accuracy, timeliness and completeness as its core values to carry out day to day transactions. It is pioneer in providing research services, financial data, and analytics to investment professionals, corporations and government agencies.

They also provide insight into credit ratings, fixed income, mutual funds, ETFs and equities, in order to help clients strengthen their investment process.

S&P Global Market Intelligence was formed by integration of S&P Capital IQ and SNL. They enable clients to track performance, identify investment ideas, perform valuations, generate alpha and understand the competitive dynamics of industry by providing integrated news and comprehensive market data.

It aims to provide quality services on time and transparent financial information. It has more than 10,000 employees working in more than 20 countries around the globe.

It has been honored with several awards including ‘Best Specialist Award’ at Technical Analyst awards in 2016 and ‘Best Counterparty Data Provider’ at “Inside Market Data and Inside Market Reference Data awards” in 2016. The company offices are spread over UK, US and Hong Kong.


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