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Ducen Infotek Inc.


About Ducen Infotek Inc.

Ducen Infotek Inc has been in the business of data integration, business process outsourcing, application development and support as well as business intelligence for well over 12 years. Headquartered in the United States, the company has a wide range of services to offer. This however, does not interfere with the delivery model and transparency associated with the brand.

To gain an edge over competition, accuracy in data analysis is imperative. Professional software engineers analyze data through an advanced technique of business intelligence and data warehousing solutions.

Information verification and validation services are customized based on the testing module of every organization. This is provided to clients by the team of experts at Ducen Infotek Inc through structured application software tools.

Through enterprise application programs, the roadmap of every organization can decipher their short-term goals and aspirations accompanied by long-term expectations. The strategy adapted at Ducen Infotek is tailor-made to suit every client based on the business scenario.

The range of services extends its code to many industries like the manufacturing sector, communications, retail, hospitality, healthcare, financial services and life science.

Retaining brand loyalty is quite a challenge. The practical services provided by the company through 24×7 technical support delivery centers ensures that communication in over 25 languages is made possible.