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Acuity Technologies


About Acuity Technologies

“Located in Makati City, Acuity Technologies is a company with a difference. Unlike other software companies that market their custom solutions to clients, Acuity Technologies seeks to help everyone. They do not, as a rule, recommend cloud-based web solutions or desktop solutions straightaway. What they do is study each client’s needs carefully, and then make a professional recommendation, keeping in mind future needs as well. For desktop solutions, they first look hard to see if there is off-the-shelf software that can be used, to save on development costs. If not, they will move on to a detailed requirements analysis, and deliver cutting-edge software that meets the client’s needs perfectly.

In short, Acuity Technologies helps clients get the most out of your budget. They aim to deliver a true value-for-money proposition for the benefit of all their clients. Their services include consulting, business / systems analysis, databases, project management, systems development, IT audit / assessment, systems administration, documentation, migration, support, research and development, plus business process management and quality assurance.

Acuity Technologies can also be counted on to develop enterprise as well as mobile applications. Their clients include the Department of Health, the Department of Trade and Industry, and Sun Microsystems.


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