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STARTEK Philippines, Inc.


About STARTEK Philippines, Inc.

“STARTEK Philippines, Inc. is an international Business Process Outsourcing Company that provides specialised customer care solutions. The company believes that clients need ‘Brand Warriors’ to build, market and protect brands that has been created over the years. Startrek’s headquarters in Manila, Philippines and has multiple offices spread across the country, North America as well as Latin America. With over 25 years of experience, the company ensures that its clients from across the world get the best of brand care advice.

With nearly 5,000 employees from all its global offices, Startrek provides custom built solutions to industry verticals such as finance, media, healthcare, telecommunications, information technology, energy and education. The team of experts of the company engage their clients to provide the best service solutions keeping in mind the latest trends, evolving consumer demands and changing customer profiles. Providing specialised solutions that are cost-effective, enable optimising business operations and empower the clients to grow makes Startrek as the most sought after company in the BPO industry. The company also provides technological solutions such as technical customer support that are customised as per the client’s growing business models. The company also offers facilities such as live chats, IVR and cross-selling.


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