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OA Source Partner

Getting Started


OA Source Partner Getting Started

Getting Started with Source Partner

What is Source Partner?

Source Partner is a limited partnership between Outsource Accelerator and select high-caliber outsourcing firms. The program is designed to help outsourcing firms by introducing our partners to hot inbound businesses, providing access to outbound opportunities and business development tools, and advanced marketing and promotion.

How can I become a partner?

You can sign up for the Standard Plan from the Source Partner dashboard. You can also apply for Silver and higher subscription plans by emailing [email protected].

How soon can I get started?

Partners on the Standard Plan can subscribe anytime, while partners opting in for Silver membership or higher can start either on the 1st or 15th of the month, with at least one week’s notice, subject to the availability of slots.

What is the one-time setup fee?

The one-time setup fee covers the cost of onboarding new clients. This includes setting up your account and training conducted during the onboarding call.