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6 reasons to outsource call center services

Efficiently cater to customers

Efficiently cater to your customers' needs and demands by outsourcing call center services. Through outsourcing, you can accommodate the influx of customer's demands efficiently, while delivering the best service possible.

Maintain high quality service
Focus on the big picture
Enjoy customized and flexible solutions
Provide only the best services
Benefit from effortless 24/7 service

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Call center staff for any role, for your business

Customer service

Your customer service staff can perform the following services while helping you save 70% on employment costs:

  • — Technical support
  • — Order processing
  • — Helpdesk services
  • — Data research
VA services

Call center firms eases the company's workload by providing various VA services:

  • — Data entry
  • — Appointment setting
  • — Helpdesk services
  • — Quality assurance
Lead generation and sales

Call center companies can take care of a company's lead generation efforts and help meet its sales targets through the following services:

  • — Upselling/cross-selling
  • — Cold calling
  • — B2B and B2C lead generation
  • — Telemarketing
Omni-channel support

Access professional omni-channel contact support agents without sacrificing quality and a chunk of your budget.

Some omni-channel support services:
  • — Live chat support
  • — Phone support
  • — Email support
  • — Bookings and reservations

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We’re the leading Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) marketplace for businesses across the globe, and aligned with our mission to transform businesses with fully-managed expert solutions, we provide the trusted independent resource for those seeking to know more about their outsourcing options in the Philippines.

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Outsource Accelerator offers the world’s leading aggregator marketplace for offshore staffing services. The OA platform provides the conduit between Philippine outsourcing suppliers and the businesses – clients – across the globe.

Outsource Accelerator is the leading outsourcing advisory for the Philippines, as well as offering a full spectrum of brokerage, incubation and co-management services.

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The process is completely confidential for the you, the client, and transparent and fair for all parties. It is critical for our mission that we remain a trusted intermediary by both the clients and the outsourcing suppliers.

We do not sell nor share your information with any third parties - other than three verified BPO partners with which you have been matched. We do not charge any commissions or make any margins if you proceed with outsourcing.

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