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Fusion BPO Services Philippines, Inc.


About Fusion BPO Services Philippines, Inc.

Fusion BPO Services is headquartered in Canada and has 9 centers spread out in Canada, India, the Philippines and the USA. Their services include inbound, outbound as well as back office services. Their focus is to provide business-centric solutions to their clients through the latest technology to provide the best results. They claim that their employees who provide the BPO services have technological expertise and work with integrity and ethically.

For them, their keywords of transparency and efficiency help them to stand apart. They believe that their cost friendly methods, efficient transition management, advanced technology, and great workforce, provide the clients value for money.

Their services are broadly categorized into voice and non voice, where the former takes care of everything; from customer service to tele-sales to infomercials to technical support to market research and surveys to call quality audit programs, among other things. In the case of the latter, Fusion BPO Services have a team, they claim, who are experts at written communication. The services broadly covered include email and chat for customer service and technical support, billing, transcribing, and order processing.

From financial services to education the range of industries covered is wide and their motto is globally yours; and rightly so.


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